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Code of Conduct for Faculty, Administration and Office Staff

General Rules:

  • All the college staff members and administration should take pledge to do their respective duty for maintaining and enhancing the reputation and dignity of the institution.
  • The students’ interest should be their prime concern and they work as mentor and guide for the students.
  • They should be punctual and do their respective duties diligently.
  • They should be neutral and transparent in their conduct and behaviour and work with utmost probity.
  • They should work as role models for the students and any misdemeanor on the part of any staff member should be strictly prohibited.
  • They should strictly follow the rules, regulations and norms as prescribed by the government and the affiliating university.
  • They should be neatly dressed up and help in maintaining general hygiene and healthy conditions in the college premises.
  • They should take active interest in maintaining inclusive study environment and disapprove any discriminatory practice.
  • They should follow the parking rules and put their vehicles only at the designated place.
  • They should make use of college ICT and other facilities only for the institutional purposes and should not use them for personal benefits.
  • They should carry their identity cards along with them.
  • They should work in amity and the togetherness with the whole staff should be their core value.
Code of Conduct for Faculty, Administration and Office Staff
Code of Conduct for Studnts