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              Goswami Tulsidas Govt. P.G. College Karwi has introduced the Rovers and Rangers group for promoting outdoor skills, leadership, qualities and dealing with life emergencies.

              The Girls who are enrolled for this group are called Rangers and Boys are called Rovers. They are enrolled for the training of 'Pravesh,' 'Nipun' forever award and Presedent Award. It is an organisation where the youths doing huge range of activites based on scoutin Principles duty to God, duty to others and duty to self scouting encourages various activites for the development of physical, Social, wellactual and spritual potential based on adventure and interest such as camping, parade, cooking, singing, type knots, flag hosting, survival skills are and flag hosting.

              They provide impact role in the disaster management other emergencies and awareness programme at local, national and international level during COVID-19. They play crucial role in life emergencies.