Waste Management

There are different types of wastes disposed in the college for which there is a proper system functioning. The following wastes are being disposed by the college:

Solid Waste Management-

The College also manages its solid waste management system. However, the amount of solid waste in college is very less. Solid waste includes both biodegradable and non-biodegradable components. The non-biodegradable solid waste generated in the campus include, paper, plastics, cartons etc. Biodegradable waste includes food waste, vegetable peels, leaves etc. Use of plastics is banned in college 'Use and throw' items like plastic cups, plates, rappers etc. are banned in college and paper and cartons waste is sold for recyclers. Food waste and biodegradable waste are collected in separate bins and dumped in dumping area where it is bio decomposes. College has a place in its campus where the solid wastes materials are disposed.

Liquid Waste Management- The waste water is carried out through the pipeline.

Biomedical Waste Management- There is no biomedical waste management system in the college. There is no biological waste generated in college.

E-waste Management- There is no e-waste management system in the college.

Waste recycling system- There is no system of Waste recycling in the college. However, there is rain water harvesting system in the college.

Hazardous chemicals and radioactive waste management- There is no hazardous chemicals and radioactive waste management system in the college.