Code of Conduct for Students

General Rules:

  • They should follow rules and regulations set by the college and follow the set procedures for completion of different tasks with due diligence
  • They should remain in discipline and must not do anything detrimental to the safety of others.
  • They should pay adequate respect to teachers and other college functionaries.
  • Ragging is completely prohibited in any form and any such act is punishable.
  • They must not do any harm to the property of the college
  • They must not involve in any sort of disruptive activity in the college.
  • They should work for upholding the interests and reputation of the college.
  • The wearing of ribbon identity card is must.
  • Notice Boards should be read daily.
  • In vacant periods, they should sit in either library or the place earmarked for them.
  • The boys are not allowed in Girls’ Lawn and Girls’ Common Room.
  • Tutor is your guide, mentor and friend and should be consulted regularly.
  • They must attend mentor group meetings and other college activities and functions compulsorily with discipline.
  • Cleanliness is indispensable in the college.
  • They should work for maintaining the campus greenery and environment.
  • Nothing offensive should be written on walls and notice and classroom boards.
  • They should switch off the fans and lights which are not in use in rooms or verandas.
  • The cycle/ two wheelers which students bring in the college should be properly registered with the parking staff.
  • They are not allowed to bring four wheelers in the college campus.
  • Entry in the college is only for the enrolled students and any outsider other than them is strictly prohibited.
Code of Conduct for Faculty, Administration and Office Staff
Code of Conduct for Studnts